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Introducing ‘GouFresh’ Premium A2 Cow Milk

Goufresh gets its Fresh Milk From Gir Cow it is a special breed of cow which gives A2 milk – A2 milk is naturally packed with incredible Nutritional benefits that enhance our health & our well-being.

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  • Awesome in Taste. Great Quality with No Smelling of Milk. I am just loving it . Thanks Goufresh

    - Kartiki

  • Gaufresh is best in quality & perfect milk , Non Adulteration

    - Avani

Zero Hormones

Our cows are never administered oxytocin or any other harmful chemicals to boost milk production

Vet on call

TA certified vet checks the cows on a weekly basis, he also is on call for any ailment at short notice.

Hygenic Bottling

It is churned into Ghee under expert supervision and packed in sterilised conditions.

Cow and Calf care

Cows are taken care of in the very best way and given 100% organically grown food. We ensure they get their daily nutritional requirements

What is A2 Milk?

A2 Milk is the healthier and more nutritious version of milk. It contains A2 protein that is pure and unmodified. A2 milk is one of the purest forms of organic milk. It is derived from the indigenous Indian cow. Out the many cows in India, Gir cows and tharparkar cows are known to be the givers of best A2 protein enriched milk.

Where can I buy A2 Milk in Pune?

There are just 2 simple steps to buy A2 Milk in Pune!
1. Call us on - +91 7038547333
2. Order for trial
3. If you like it, take a subscription

A1 Milk Vs A2 Milk

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Our Vission & Mission

Vision to provide superior quality Organic A2 Milk in Pune. Also, Organic Ghee, Pure Vedic Ghee in Pune and milk products of Indian Desi Gir breed Cows. Mission towards health and goodness.

Straight from our Farm to your Home

With Its amazing nutritional benefits, A2 milk is the way milk should look, taste and be enjoyed – as nature originally intended.

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